Ossel, de Grupo Comerrsa

We are a division Comerrsa that focuses on offering:

-Chemicals Products
-Industrial Equipment



Industries Served:


-Power Generation


-Food & Beverage




  • Special chemicals used for the treatment of systems  that deal with steam generation and all kinds of pressure of operation.

  • Secuestantes of Oxygen, internal treatments, steam and condensating applications.

  • Special chemicals for the treatment of cooling systems: Anti-fouling, corrosion control, biosidas oxidising and non-oxidising and bio dispersants.

  • Special chemicals for the treatment of mining processes: Anti-fouling, flocculants, coagulants, precipitators of heavy metals, viscosity modifiers, filter aid, reagents for flotation, activated carbon and diatomaceous earth.

  • Equipment for pre-treatment, monitoring and control: Filters, softeners, reverse osmosis, metering pumps, controllers purge in boilers and controllers for cooling systems

  • Polymers for the treatment of wastewater.
As part of Comerrsa, we have the following resources:
-Offices in all of Central America with the necessary infrastructure
-Warehouses full of stock in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua  and Panama
-Logistics service 
-Engineering Service


Return of Investment

-Increased Competitive Advantage.
-Reliability of Assets.
-Reduction of the Total Cost of Operation.
-Greater operational efficiency and productivity.
-Environmental awareness and safety.


Customer service

-Service engineers localces.
-Personalized attention
-Costumer service dedicated



-Local Warehouses
-Just in time
-To-own Transport
-Local Billing