Company Trajectory


1982: Comerrsa is created in the year 1982 in the City of Guatemala offering it’s first products; Activated Carbon and Diatomite filtration


1995: Comerrsa acquires the company Eco-Tec. 


1996: Comerrsa opens for the first time a international division in the country of El Salvador offering its clients same products and services than its headquarters.


 2002: Comerrsa expands to the country of Honduras, managing to create a logistical triangle in the northern region of Central America


 2009: Comerrsa launches formally its brand EWS offering clients all type of products focused on water


 2011: Comerrsa creates Ossel division focused on selling products specialized on coagulation and flocculation.


 2012: Comerrsa decides to take all of its product lines to the country of Panama opening formal offices.