We specialize in solving any problem in the pharmaceutical industry. We work closely with our client by providing them with products that will resolve their issues. We have a team of the most qualified engineers with fields of study in the pharmaceutical industry.


Particle Naming in Pharmaceutical Products and Filtrability Tests

We count with the best exclusive service with high trained personnel that will manage particle characterization of particulates in products of interest to be able to determine the ideal cartage and to have the most effective and efficient product.

Steril and Non Steril Filtration Aplications

We have a large gamma of products that deal with the treatment and filtration of sterille products and non sterile. These include oral syrup fabricated in base syrup. We also deal with injectable products that include high and low volume.

Integrity Testing Equipment according to Norm

 We are leaders in the market in the field of integrity testing for the compliance of norms for the production of steril's. This also includes giving our costumer documentation and validation guides signed by our experts in the subject.

Filters for Oral Syrup

 We hace a wide gama of filters with different connections and sizes for the filtration of particles to give a specialized touch when creating Oral Syrups.

Microbiology for water with Norm

 We are leaders in the markets that deal with test equipment’s of integrity for the compliance of sterile production norms. This includes documentation and guides of validation.


Ventilation Systems for Pharmaceutical Tanks

In Comerrsa we are experts in dimensioning ventilation systems for tanks of PW(Potable Water) and WFI(Water for Injectables).

Air and Gas Steril Filtration Systems

The pharmaceutical industry demands high quality products that deal with gas and air for which a variety of hydrophobic membranes with unique characteristics, which include working in extreme temperatures. We also offer the best prices on the markets.

Water Microbiology in consent with the Norm USP and form 32 OMS
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Celite
  • Clarimex
  • EWS
  • Floeger
  • Flomin
  • Norit
  • Pall
  • Tridim
  • US Water